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Insurance Association of Türkiye; It is a guiding institution that supports and develops all stakeholders of the insurance and pension sector, increases information exchange, expands the sphere of influence of the sector, and provides a healthy competitive environment.

As of today, the Association has 73 active members, 48 of which are non-life, 21 of which are life/pension and 4 of which are reinsurance companies.

Legal Basis

TSB was established in accordance with the provisions of Article 24 of the Insurance Law No. 5684. It is a professional organization in the nature of a public institution with legal personality. The headquarter of the Association is located in Istanbul.


To make Turkish insurance and private pension sector’s strategic role in Turkey's economic and social development more effective, to increase the insurance penetration rate and its share in the financial system, to ensure that it reaches a strong and sustainable structure.


  • Determining strategies and producing policies for contributing to the sustainable development of the sector,
  • Contributing to the protection of the rights and interests of its members, increasing its competitiveness and preventing unfair competition,
  • Strengthening professional solidarity and determining ethical principles in the relations between insurance, pension and reinsurance companies,
  • Ensuring the development and spread of insurance and private pension services, establishing communication and cooperation with all stakeholders in the sector,
  • Communicating opinions to the public authorities about insurance and private pensions,
  • Monitoring the developments regarding insurance at home and abroad, and researching in the field of insurance,
  • Establishing relations with same professional organizations related with insurance and private pension at home and abroad, and establishing effective communication,
  • Establishing institutions and engaging educational activities for the development of the insurance profession.


1900: "Syndicate of Fire Insurance Companies Operating in Istanbul" was established.

1916: This syndicate was converted to "The Society of Insurance Companies Operating in Turkey"

1923: After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, this Society was abolished, and “The Club of Insurers” was established.

1925: This club was replaced by the “Central Office of Insurers” established.

1959: This establishment, which the membership was mandatory for domestic and foreign insurance companies, was named “Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies” with law no: 7397 on Supervision of Insurance Companies.

1975: The association was named "Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey" with its main statute.

1987: The “Insurance Supervision Law” No. 3379, which amended some articles of the Law No. 7397 and added several articles to the Law, entered into force. With this Law, the Association is given the status of a “professional organizations with public institution status”. Another amendment made within the aforementioned Law has made the principle that the organ elections of the Association be carried out under judicial supervision, in other words under the supervision of the judge.

2007: Article 24 of the Insurance Law No. 5684 included the provision that the Association is a professional organization in the nature of a public institution.

2012: On June 29, 2012, Pension companies were included under the roof of the Association with amendment of The Insurance Law no.5684, and the Association’s name changed as “the Association of Insurance, Reinsurance and Pension Companies of Turkey”. After this change, the Association’s logo changed, and along with the logo "Insurance Association of Türkiye" has been decided to use the phrase.